HEAT Nord GmbH is specialized in the development, construction, calculation and production of complete system solutions for fouling protection of box coolers in sea chests, special heat exchangers (air-oil coolers) and lubricating oil feed units.


We develop complete cooling water systems with box coolers protected by TAS / iTAS

We integrate our components in the existing surrounding

We design TAS / iTAS acc. to the onboard situation

We supply fully equipped Box Cooler Modules for a short installation time

We make commissioning and supervision of all systems world wide

We replace old box coolers against new box coolers with TAS / iTAS

Design Advantages

TAS / iTAS reduce box cooler dimensions

Tubes of HEAT Nord Box coolers are arranged in triangle-design

Tube wall thickness is always 0.85 – 0.9 mm

Box cooler width can be adapted to the frame distance – up to 800 mm

Standard box cooler can be added with TAS

New Generation box cooler with iTAS on top of the cover

Simulation based 3D-box cooler design

Use of FEM

TAS – Fouling protection in harbor

TAS by use of the flap

  • Flap is installed in sea chest
  • Flap is made from  special plastic and sea water resistant material
  • Preheating of the box cooler utilizing recovered heat from the Aux. engine
  • PLC controls and monitors the TAS-procedure 
  • Automatic return into cooling operation

fast – efficient – reliable

  • Flaps close outlet slots
  • Heating sources are auxiliary engines, boilers
  • Fast antifouling procedure
  • Lowest energy consumption

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