Mar-In Controls B.V. supplies Fuel supply modules and control equipment to hundreds of customers worldwide. From power stations in Greece to Dredging vessels contracted by local manufacturers and luxury Cruise vessels sailing in the Caribbean, the technology that drives these installations was designed and built by Mar-In Controls B.V.

Supplying equipment to both the Marine and General industry, Mar-In Controls B.V. is keenly aware of the challenges and demands of those diverse environments. All products are designed and tested extensively to make sure they can operate properly under the most stressful conditions.Mar-In Controls B.V. manufactures a variety of advanced skid mounted modules for various uses on board vessels and land-based power plants. Designed completely to customer specifications, the modules incorporate advanced components and automation technology to ensure long lasting and trouble-free operation. Quality control is an integral part of the module, with all components being rigorously tested and certified before delivery. Use of standardized, Mar-In Controls B.V. approved components allows us to maintain a consistent high level of quality and provides the security of spare parts availability throughout the module’s life-span.


  • Large cost savings by treating heavy fuel oils for optimum combustion efficiency in diesel engines and burner installations.
  • Designed with the latest computer-aided design (CAD) technology, the modules are designed to minimize the space occupied while allowing easy access for maintenance.
  • A global network of service centres combined with excellent after-sales and support service allows for fast response times and quality maintenance.
  • Available with certificates from the leading Classification bureaus.
  • Ridged construction & design.
  • Taylor-made as well as standard modules are available.

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