Sunflame is the world leading manufacturer of the rotary cup burner. Based on the technology of the rotary cup burner, Sunflame creates boiler burners and incinerators for marine vessels, which are now being used throughout the world.
In 1968, “Osaka-Sunflame KK” was established as an after-sales service company in Kyoto Japan. In 1980, the rotary cup burner series of type SSR and type R was developed, and since then, Sunflame has been the leading manufacturer of the rotary cup burner for marine boiler plants.
Since the SDR series, the main products of Sunflame today, was introduced to the market, the rotary cup burner of Sunflame draws a clear line between other brands of the rotary cup burners by the simplified design and by the easy operation and maintenance. Moreover, Sunflame supports the vessels further to meet the environmental regulation changes surrounding the vessels by optional items.
The rotary cup burner of Sunflame is adopted not only for the boiler plant, but also for the waste oil incinerator, which can safely cope with the high viscosity of waste oil. The waste oil incinerator of Sunflame enjoys the reputation of disposing sludge oil without firing D.O. 
Sunflame’s aim is to meet our customer’s necessity efficiently and sufficiently. To fulfill our aim, we have developed our technology until today, and will also progress in the future.

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