Nagman was established in the year 1972 and has been serving the Indian industry – for 4 decades now – with distinction since then. Nagman, starting small, manufacturing RTD / TC sensors, moved on (in the late eighties) to pioneer the concept of Portable Calibrators (simulators) for Temperature / Pressure under technical guidance from Ametek (Jofra), Denmark and have been manufacturing these (& other) Calibrators, selling over 30,000 Calibrators so far. Nagman, expanding on their technical expertise on portables, developed Calibration Work Stations / Test Benches – for Temperature, Pressure, Electrical & Electronics parameters – in modular design and over the past decade have (supplied &) installed more than 500 Test Benches in many reputed / major industries. 

Industrial Applications:


   Pharma & Bulk Drug

   Steel & Metallurgical




Temperature Calibrators

Sub Zero Temperatures

Low & Medium Temperatures

High & Very High Temperatures

Stirred Baths

Black Body Calibration

Pressure Calibrators



Dual (P & H)

Hand Pumps

Dead Weight Testers



Portable & Motorized

Comparison Testers

Signal Calibrators

Thermocouple & RTD

Loop Calibrators

Multifunction Process Calibrators

Digital Multimeters

Test Benches / Work Stations

Pri. & Sec. Standards – Pressures

Temp. & Electrical / Electronics

Multi-function, Computer Aided

Engg Training Kits & Systems

Mobile Calibration Systems

Thermocouple & RTD

Calibration Software

Level Calibration System

Flow Meter Calibration

Water Meter Calibration

Gas Meter Calibration

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